2013 Filmmakers Lounge

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Congratulations blnko!

About blnko

Blnko Design Labs is a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on delivering the best in design and innovation for the retail and hospitality industries. Our philosophy entails delivering impacting experiences through brand strategy, interior design, architecture and product development.

What makes us uniquely suited for your next project...?

We are architects, industrial designers and marketing professionals. We have over 10 yrs. professional experience designing new retail store concepts for innovative start-ups in Silicone Valley to corporate offices in Shanghai to a private hotel in Moscow.

We realize there are many options when choosing a design professional. However, one thing you can say about us is, we're passionate about good design and we're not afraid to say it. However, we also realize each project is unique and exciting in it's own and recognize our clients would prefer to approach it as a collaboration as opposed to having a design imposed on them. No egos here just consider us your partner in creating a beautiful and impacting experience.

Scope of Services

Each project or business venture is different, each with its own specific needs. Blnko Design Labs offers a complete suite of services encompassing everything for the built environment. We are able to interject in any place on your project's critical path. Drop us in anywhere and we can work with your consultants, contractors or vendors. If you dont have a team already established we are more than happy to help you put one together. On the other hand we can also do it all. Everything from designing your space to making design driven suggestions for the scents and sounds that will add to its ambiance. The graphic below illustrates how we fit in with three of our latest projects.

Technology / innovation based studio

We pride ourselves in addressing each clients practical and functional needs as well as using the latest in 3D modeling and CAD technology to help communicate and build our clients vision. All projects represent investment in money, time and risk. By using 3D visualization we can see the project before the investment thus mitigating some of the risk. By using Building Information Modeling or BIM we can also create a virtual model of the project making designs, specifications, or other details more accurate and concise. This all translates into value when associated with building costs and budgets.

When it comes to fabrication or manufacturing we also use Solidworks to give us the edge in bringing to life any design or detail. By using these tools we are better able to produce our ideas while at the same time giving us the ability to value engineer those ideas making sure we adhere to the project's budget.

Runner Ups

2nd DDD
3rd Robert Trempe
4th Napkin Sketch
5th Pierron Architecture

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